201 Area Code Phone Lookup, Countries, Cities Details

It can be rather unsettling when you check your call log and notice a new area code has been added. There are a lot of questions that we have, such as “where is it coming from?” “Who could this possibly be?” “Is this some kind of hoax?” No need to be concerned any longer.

In order to provide you with additional information regarding the area code 201, I will tell you that the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) in 1947 assigned it to be the area code for the entire state of New Jersey. After some time, in 2001, the area code 551 was also given out as an overlay, along with the 201. This area code serves a large portion of Hudson County and Bergen County, in addition to some cities that are well-known throughout the state of New Jersey. Find out everything you need to know about the 201 area code by reading the information that is provided below.

Where exactly did the 201 area code originate, and how did it do so?

201 Area Code

In 1947, the NANP established area code 201 as an overlay for the entire state of New Jersey. In addition, area code 201 was the first area code to implement Direct Distance Dialing Service, which enabled the first long-distance call to be made from Englewood, New Jersey to Alameda, California in 1961. Area code 551 is also an overlay for the entire state of New Jersey.

Initially, area code 201 comprised the full New Jersey and its dense population. The meteoric rise in telephone use necessitated the formulation of a numbering plan due to the fact that a single plan area could house no more than 500 offices. During the subsequent 33 years, the area code 201 was responsible for providing service in the following counties: Bergen, Hudson, Ocean, Essex, Union, Morris, Passaic, Hunterdon, Somerset, Middlesex, and Monmouth.

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The counties of Sussex and Warren

The decade of the 1980s witnessed the expansion of New Jersey’s central region, while large cities across the state continued to experience a drop in population. In 1991, the population of the area code 908 was divided to create the new area code 201.

Due to the large population as well as the surge in telephone and mobile phone usage, area code 201 was on the verge of exhaustion. On June 1, 1997, Essex and Passaic were split off as area code 973, leaving Hudson and Bergen as the only ones that are covered by the 201 area code. Hudson and Bergen are the only ones that are covered by the 201 area code.

As the rate of mobile phone usage increased, there was a continuing rise in the number of new number requests in the Hudson and Bergen area. The well-known telecommunications provider Verizon advocated for an overlay rather than a split in the telephone network in order to spare its customers the inconvenience of having to obtain new phone numbers.

Where exactly is the 201 area code located and what time zone does it use?

The 201 area code observes Eastern Standard Time, sometimes known as EST. During the fall and winter months, Coordinated Universal Time, sometimes known as UTC, would be five hours behind Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5:00). The four-hour time difference between Coordinated Universal Time and Eastern Daylight Saving Time results from the fact that the former is used during the warmer months of the year (UTC-4:00).

Which geographic regions are covered by the 201 area code?

Along with its overlay number 551, the 201 area code serves a significant portion of the state of New Jersey. This coverage is concentrated primarily in the Hudson and Bergen regions. The aforementioned municipalities include Allendale, Bayonne, Bergenfield, Bogota, Cliffside Park, Closter, Cresskill, Dumont, East Rutherford, Edgewater, Elmwood Park, Emerson, Englewood, Fair Lawn, Fairview, Fort Lee, Franklin Lakes, Glen Rock, Hackensack, Hasbrouck Heights, Hillsdale, Hoboken, Jersey City, Kearny, Leonia, Little Ferry, Lyndhurst, Maywood, Midland Park,

Is there a charge for using the 201 area code?

No, the 201 area code does not support free toll calling. Get in touch with internet phone service providers right away to get your very own number with the area code 201 if you have always dreamed of having your very own phone number.

Is area code 201 is a scam?

If you get a call from a number that starts with the area code 201, it’s likely that you’ll assume the call is coming from somewhere in the state of New Jersey, right? Wrong. But with the good comes the evil, and this kind of convenience has been used by some scammers to swindle their unknowing victims. Recent technological advancements have made it easier for us to personalise our own phone numbers, which has led to increased convenience for us.

In the event that you find yourself on the receiving end of a phone call scam, you should instantly block the number.

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Why one should get an area code. The number 201 is beneficial to your company.

Regardless of the physical location of your company, the acquisition of a 201 area code is sure to prove to be a valuable asset. In addition to its proximity to New York City, the state of New Jersey is notable in its own right. Calling a local number is convenient and economical for local customers because it is a number that is already in their area code.

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