223 Area Code Phone Lookup, Countries, Cities Details

Your interest may be piqued when you receive a call from an unfamiliar 223 area code. Who is it that’s calling? Who is calling and from where is it coming? Is there a connection between the call and con artists? The creation was part of the process that aimed to standardize the delivery of telecommunications services across the continent of North America. The following are some questions that are asked quite frequently about that area code.

223 area code

What is the area code 223 and where does it come from?

The North American Numbering Plan (NANPA) includes one of its telephone area codes. It is an overlay to the original area code 717, which was created as a result of the exhaustion caused by the expansion in the usage of pagers, cell phones, and fax machines.

The 26th of September, 2017, was the day it went live. The Eastern Time zone is the one that belongs to the above given code.

Pennsylvania is the only state in the United States that uses area code 223. Calls that are received from this area code may have originated in one of the cities that are located within it. Some of these cities include

Colonial ParkCamp Hill
East Petersburg 

Are calls with an area code of 223 likely to be a scam?

A call coming from this area code carries with it the potential for becoming a scam call due to the prevalence of fraudulent phone calls in modern times. There are some calls that, at first glance, may appear to originate from inside the boundaries of this area code, but in reality, the caller is calling from an overseas number. The caller could also make believe that they work for a government agency or for a customer care team when they make the contact.

They play this ruse on you in order to win your trust and get you to disclose some of your personal information so that they can then use that information. If you ever get a call like this, it is in your best interest not to pick up the phone or call the number back. You may also do a search on the internet to see if the company that has been stated uses the number that they are calling on, or you can just immediately block the number.

223 area code

How can I prevent calls from the area code 223 that I do not want to receive?

Have you just received a call and are concerned that it may be connected with fraudsters? No need to be concerned;

I’ll walk you through the steps of blocking the number on your mobile phone:


  • Visit recent call logs
  • Locate the phone number you wish to have blocked.
  • Tap “block this caller” after clicking the I button.


  • Navigate to the recent call logs in your system.
  • Find the number you wish to block and click on it.
  • Tap “details” Tap “block number”

Is there any fee for using the 223 area code?

No, the toll-free access code is not 223. You will be charged a fee for calls placed from this area code. The amount of this fee is subject to change based on the cost of the local carrier firm from where you are receiving telecommunication services. Fees may be assessed on a per-minute basis, or you may be required to purchase a premium subscription from the relevant telecommunications provider.


It is important to emphasize once more the need of verifying the authenticity of the caller’s number. There is more than one way to determine who is calling and where the sound is emanating from. It is recommended, however, that you do not pick up the phone or respond to a call if you are unsure of the number or the person who is calling you because of the high number of instances of individuals being scammed in recent times.

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