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When we get calls from unknown numbers, especially ones with 304 area codes that aren’t familiar to us, it piques our curiosity. It’s possible that we’ll find ourselves wondering who the caller could be or where the call is coming from. When we get unexpected calls from numbers with area codes that we aren’t familiar with, this is only one of the few most prevalent questions that pops into our heads. If you are interested in learning more about area codes such as the area code of 304, continue reading below.

What exactly is the 304 area code, and where does it come from?

1947 marked the beginning of implementation of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). One of its legally registered area codes is 304, which is also one of its area codes. In 1940, AT&T and the Bell system came up with the idea to create a new area code for the state of West Virginia that would be used for telephones.

It just so happened that the 304 area code was one of the 86 initial codes in NANP that went into operation in the year 1947. An overlay plan went into force in March 2009 in the same region that would later get the addition of the area code 681.

Both the 304 and 681 area codes cover the entirety of the state of West Virginia, including all of its major and minor cities and communities. These include

Oak HillCharleston
ClarksburgCross Lanes
BluefieldTeays Valley
St. AlbansVienna

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Is area code 304 a scam?

Scams conducted over the phone are already fairly frequent in today’s society. There was a direct correlation between the rise in population and the rise in the number of people using mobile phones. It should come as no surprise that individuals having the area code 304 may potentially be involved in fraudulent activity. It can appear to be legitimate, but it could actually be a scam that would charge you a significant sum if you take the call.

Always keep in mind that even if you unintentionally answer a call from an unknown number, you should never reveal any of your personal information to the person on the other end of the line. If they persist inquiring about your personal information, it’s a warning sign that you should end the call and ban the caller from calling you again. You can never make a mistake by blocking unsolicited calls, particularly if the caller is a potential invader of your privacy.

304 Area Code

How do I block calls originating from area code 304?

By blocking the number, you reduce the likelihood of falling victim to a scam. This is a guide on how to:


  • Open recent call logs
  • Simply select the I icon that is situated next to the number.
  • Select “block this caller” from the menu.


  • Go to the list of recent calls.
  • Click the “details” button.
  • To view the “block number,” tap on it.

Is there a charge for using the 304 area code?

Absolutely No, there is a charge for the toll. You will be charged a fee anytime you send or receive a text message or make a phone call using the area code 321. The location of the receiver can have an effect on the fees associated with calls and texts. There is a possibility that long-distance calls will cost more than local calls.


Con artists are already ramping up their efforts to defraud unsuspecting victims. Make it a habit to do a brief search about the caller if you are unfamiliar with them in order to protect yourself from being taken advantage of. If you want to avoid having your account hacked, the most crucial thing you can do is not to reveal any of your personal information.

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