401 Area code Phone lookup, countries, cities and Map

401 area codes are the telephone numbers assigned to the United States’ largest cities. What do they mean?

The number 401 was originally reserved for Washington D.C. but has since become associated with the entire state of New York. In fact, this is now used for every city in the state except Albany.

 What is 401 area code?

The number of people who have the 401 area code in their phone numbers is 6. This means that it has a population of around 1,000,000 and covers an approximate area of 5,000 square miles in the United States.

401 area code

Area Code 401 was established on October 16, 1947, as part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). The area code is divided into four geographic regions: the West region, which consists of California and Nevada;

The Central Region, consisting of

The Mid-Atlantic Region which includes

The Northeast Region includes


In 1953, AT&T created additional blocks to accommodate growth, including those outside the New York City metropolitan area. Other major cities such as San Francisco, Detroit, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, Houston, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Baltimore, Denver, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Miami, Tampa Bay, and Columbus became allocated within these new blocks.

In 1963, AT&T made another block available for the west coast states of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico. As of February 14, 2013, there is no further change to be made at the current level. However, if the FCC approves allocating any more numbers from the existing pool, then the remaining numbers would be reallocated among the other areas.

401 area code

New York City had already received its own area code, 212, when the New York Telephone Company issued service to Brooklyn on July 19, 1940. When the company decided to add Long Island to its system, it chose to place the new area code 716 rather than 818. At first, customers calling each other or businesses using either area code had to dial 10 digits to reach the other party. Then, on December 30, 1954, the two exchanges were split off into separate area codes, so that calls could now be placed directly between residents of either area without having to dial through seven digits.

On September 26, 1955, the New York Telephone Company introduced automatic number identification (ANI), which allowed callers to screen incoming calls before answering them. In addition to providing caller ID, ANI also provided billing information.

Where is Area code 401?

Area Code 401 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan that serves parts of Washington, Iowa, and Minnesota. The northern suburbs of Seattle have been assigned this number since May 1, 1997.

The original plan for the numbering of the United States was established by AT&T on March 25, 1947, with an allocation of numbers between 471 and 976 area code. These were divided into four-digit blocks as follows:

 How do I call the 401 area code number?

1. Dial 411, then punch in your destination number.

2. Dial 1 to get an operator who can help you with a long-distance or toll call.**

In some areas of the country, particularly rural ones, dialing 1 for directory assistance is a good idea because operators are less likely to hang up on you when they don’t recognize the area code and exchange prefixes.

3. If you need to transfer calls, ask for the appropriate trunk prefix.

For example, “Can you connect me to the 312 area code?”

4. When you’re done, hang up.

5. Check your phone bill for charges and contact your local phone company if necessary.

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 401 Area code Location Map

401 area code map

Top 5 Counties in Area Code 401

CountyTotal Population% of 401% of County
Providence, RI626356732%100%
Kent, RI163,55814%100%
Washington, RI136,47939%100%
Bristol, RI47,7354%100%
Newport, RI82,88813%59%

Top Cities in Area Code 401

CityTotal Population% of 401% of City
Providence, RI168,0421%100%
Warwick, RI92,6724%100%
Cranston, RI81,3872%100%
Pawtucket, RI71,1481%100%
East Providence, RI47,0371%100%
Woonsocket, RI41,1861%100%
Newport, RI24,6721%100%
Central Falls, RI19,3960%100%
Westerly, RI14,9261%100%
Newport East, RI11,7490%100%
Valley Falls, RI11,4370%100%
Greenville, RI8,3460%100%
Wakefield-Peacedale, RI8,3160%100%
Cumberland Hill, RI7,6250%100%

Is area code a Scam?

  No, it’s not a scam. But Never give any personal information or financial details. Always hang up if you feel suspicious. Due to the proliferation of cell phones, people are getting more vulnerable to phone scams. One ring scam is the most common scam they do to prey on victims.

They drop a call before you can answer. Scammers are good speakers. They may sound professional and convincing. They would pretend to come from the bank and will ask for your personal information. People should always be careful when receiving unknown calls.

Is area code 401 toll-free?

401 Area code is not a Toll-Free Number. Any calls placed with this area code perform charges may it be locally, or internationally. The cost may vary depending on the duration of the call or the length of text messages. It depends upon the telecom provider. To know more, please contact the telecom provider.

What is the difference between area code 404 and area code 402?

The main difference is that area code 404 is used in the state of North Carolina whereas area code 402 is used in the state of Virginia. You can find out all about the geography of these area codes by visiting their respective websites here.

401 area code Time Zone: Eastern Standard (GMT-5)

401 area code is located in New York, USA;

The eastern time zone is also known as America/New_York;

As of the last time this article was loaded, the current date is September 26th, 2020.

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