402 area code History, Countries, cities, Map details 2022

Area code serves the state of Nebraska and is one of the original 86 area codes in North America. This was established on February 1, 1951, and originally covered the entire western part of the state, from Lincoln in the south to Scottsbluff in the north. Area code 847 was later created for use in this region, and it took effect on May 25, 2001.

Who can get a 402 area code?

It includes a number of unique properties that make it one of North America’s most interesting area codes. Anyone can get this for their use.

What is 402 area code?

The number 402 was first introduced as a telephone area code in Nebraska in 1954. It is one of four area codes serving parts of Nebraska and has a primary usage for Omaha, Lincoln, and several surrounding communities. This area code originally covered all of Nebraska from 1954 to 1996, when new codes (the 541 and 308) split it into two distinct regions. Some smaller towns may retain their original 402 numbers like 401 area code even though they no longer fall within their coverage range.


The area code (402) has been around since 1997 when it was created out of a need for more unique phone numbers. This area code is located in Nebraska, and while originally envisioned as only a northern portion of Nebraska, now includes all of southern Nebraska. It covers four different counties and parts of Iowa, making it one of the largest areas covered by an area code. With its creation also came two new exchanges: 409 and 657.

402 area  code

Both were designated to be used for new cell phones, but that’s not how things worked out. In 2001, both exchanges were changed to 976 and 854 respectively because cell phones weren’t being used like people thought they would be. Nowadays, you can use either exchange number with any kind of phone – landline or mobile – as long as you have a plan with enough minutes.

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Is 402 area code a scam?

If you’ve got a call from area code 402, you may be on high alert. Why? Because it is notorious for being a scammer’s paradise—they can target thousands of people at once just by calling from one region. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what you should know about it.

How to call a area code 402 number?

If you’re trying to reach someone in Nebraska, you may encounter a phone number. So how do you call that? Fortunately, it’s not all that difficult. Simply follow these steps.

  • Call your long-distance carrier and ask for instructions on how to dial an international number.
  • Ask your far distance carrier if they have special codes for calling international numbers (some carriers require 011 before an international country code).
  • Determine what time zone your contact is in.
  • Call at that time of day or use their time zone as a reference point (see below).
  • Place a direct call from your landline or cell phone.

Enter 00 + 1 + area code + local seven-digit number. For example, to call a 402 number directly from Omaha, Nebraska, which is in Central Time Zone (UTC -6), you would enter 00 + 1 + 402 + 555-1234. For more information about calling internationally, see our section on International Calling Rules.

Where is 402 area located?

Area code 402 is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, and covers most of central and eastern Nebraska.

Cities located in 402 include

If you are traveling to Lincoln or live there temporarily it is a good idea to check that you are dialing the correct area code. Just because you see a phone number with a 604 area code does not mean that it is an international call. The 604 area code only represents landlines in Vancouver proper.

402 area  code

Is 402 area code a cell phone?

Nope! It’s for landline phones located in Nebraska. This includes Omaha, Lincoln, and many other cities. Like many other states, Nebraska uses overlay area codes, which means you can keep your old phone number even though it has a new area code. So rest assured that if you’re not a cell phone subscriber, you don’t have to change anything at all—your number will stay the same.

402 Area code Location map

402area code map
402 map

Are there any trends associated with area code 402?

Yes, there are a few interesting trends associated with area code 402. It’s worth noting that people who live in Nebraska and Iowa tend to be slightly older than people who live in other parts of the country. There’s also more racial diversity, especially when it comes to Asians and Native Americans. Many Asian immigrants have recently moved to states like Wyoming, where they have developed large communities in places like Cheyenne and Casper.

What does it mean to have a phone number starting with a 402 prefix?

Phone numbers that start with 402 are prefixes for Nebraska. There are two different area codes in Nebraska, which means there is a difference between a phone number that starts with either 402 or 531. However, even though they are technically different area codes, they both still indicate that they’re from Nebraska. An Omaha phone number starting with either of these area codes can be written as (402).

Top countries in area code 402

CountyTotal Population% of 402% of County
Douglas, NE527,1101.5%100%
Lancaster, NE245,4073.1%100%
Sarpy, NE148,8401%100%
Dodge, NE37,6912.2%100%
Madison, NE35,8762-3%100%
Platte, NE33,2373%100%
Adams, NE32,3642.5%100%
Cass, NE26,2412%100%
Gage, NE21,3113%100%
Dakota, NE22,0061%100%
Saunders, NE20,7802%100%
Washington, NE20,2341%100%
Seward, NE16,7502%100%
Otoe, NE15,7402%100%
Saline, NE14,2002%100%

Top Cities in Area Code 402

CityTotal Population% of 402% of City
Omaha, NE408,9580%100%
Lincoln, NE328,3790%100%
Bellevue, NE51,1470%100%
Fremont, NE24,3670%100%
Hastings, NE23,9170%100%
Norfolk, NE24,2100%100%
Columbus, NE22,1110%100%
Papillion, NE18,8940%100%
La Vista, NE14,7580%100%
South Sioux City, NE13,3530%100%
Beatrice, NE1234590%100%
Chalco, NE1089940%100%
Blair, NE7,5900%100%
York, NE7,8660%100%
Nebraska City, NE7,3890%100%
Seward, NE6,5640%100%
Crete, NE6,8600%100%

Area code 402 Zip codes



Is 402 a Toll-free number?

No, it is not a Toll-free Number.

what does the number 402 mean?

402 means a number which used to recognize a phone number.

 what time is it in 402 area code right now?

2:20 A.M is current time in current time in 402.

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