415 Area code History, countries, map, Scam details 2022

The 415 area code was created in 1947, and it covers the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The number has become synonymous with Silicon Valley because of the tech companies located there.

What is 415 Area code?

The 415 area code is known as the “Silicon Valley” area code. This means that it is home to some of the biggest names in the tech industry. In addition to being the headquarters for Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other major companies, the area is also famous for its high concentration of venture capital firms.

History of 415 Area code

The history of the area code 415 in California began with a split from the 310 area code on January 15, 1984. The previous numbering plan for the region had been 916-919/916-925.


The origins of the 415 dates back to the 1950s when the telephone company provided service to parts of the San Francisco Bay Area. At the time, the area was served by two different area codes: the 408 area code covered most of Northern California and the 213 area code covered Southern California. However, the situation changed when AT&T decided to reallocate phone numbers from several cities within the Bay Area to new local exchange areas. Because of this, the existing area codes were no longer needed and were replaced by a single area codes like 401, 402 covering the entire state.

Areas covered by 415

  San FranciscoOaklandBerkeley
FremontUnion CityHayward
AlamedaSan LeandroLivermore
PleasantonDublinSan Ramon
FairfieldSan MateoBurlingame
Palo AltoMountain ViewCupertino
Santa ClaraSunnyvaleLos Gatos
SaratogaMorgan HillGilroy
San JoseMontereySalinas
StocktonModestoRedwood City
El CerritoSan PabloRichmond
VallejavilleVallejoSan Rafael
Marin CountyContra Costa CountySolano County
Yolo CountySacramento CountyKern County
Placer CountyColusa CountyLake County
Shasta CountyButte CountySiskiyou County
Trinity CountyHumboldt CountyDel Norte County
Mendocino CountyLake CountyMariposa County
Merced CountyMadera CountyFresno County
Tulare CountyVentura CountyKern County
Glenn CountyNevada CountyPlumas County
Sierra CountyStanislaus CountySan Joaquin County
Kings CountyOrange CountyRiverside County
San Bernardino CountyImperial CountySan Diego County
Imperial CountyLos Angeles CountySan Diego County.

 Is 415 Area code a scam?

No, its not a scam.

415 Area code map

415 area code map
415 area code map
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What areas does area code 415 service?

Area code 415 services most of the San Francisco Bay area namely Marin County and San Mateo County. The cities include

What is the difference between 415 and 949 area code?

This question would have been asked many times but let me answer it briefly: There is no difference between both areas except that 415 is more famous than 949. There exists one big difference between the two codes as well – both are not used anymore.

Are there special rules for 416 area code?

If you don’t know the correct way to call 416 area code, then we’re here to help you. In our article below, we’ve explained everything you need to know about the area code 416. Please read it carefully before making any further plans.

How to activate 415 Area Code?

Activating 415 area code is simple. All you have to do is dial 411 and wait for 30 seconds. The moment you hear the tone, hang up immediately.

Question for area code 415

Is 415 area code available only for business owners?

NO! Today, individuals too are using 415 area codes as their own phone numbers including doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, dentists, plumbers, electricians etc..

Can I use 415 in any country?

Yes it’s possible to use 415 anywhere around the world. It’s just that if someone calls your number they might get connected to another person living near them. So, people who live outside of US should be careful while calling 415 numbers.

Which type of landline phones are available under 415 area code?

In case you need to make international calls at low rates, then you must go for the VOIP services.

What is the cost of calling 415 area code from abroad?

Its very cheap to call 415 code from any part of the world. You can easily place a domestic call at very reasonable rates. Even, international calls are also available at very cheap rates.

How to contact 415 toll free number?

People who are looking forward to contacting 415 toll free numbers are advised to check out the list of companies operating in this area code. After checking all the details related to the organization, you’ll understand how to contact 415 toll free numbers.

Where can I get details on 415 area code?

You can search through official websites of various companies operating in the area code 415. For instance, you can search through the website of AT&T by typing “415 AT&T” on Google.com. Similarly, you can find other important information regarding the area code 415 on these websites

Any idea what happens when I call area code 415 number?

It depends upon where you call from. If you call area code from within US, then you will be routed to an operator. In case anyone calls you from another location outside of US, the routing system routes the call to the nearest US based operator.

How do I dial 415 area code number?

The best option to reach an authorized service provider or agent is to dial the local telephone directory assistance. Just type “415 Directory Assistance” and press “1”. This will connect you with the nearest directory assistance operator. Once you are connected, ask the operator to look up the number you want. He/She will give you the required information.

Is 415 area code valid in United States?

Yes! It’s most definitely valid. But if your phone company has changed its policy recently, try using the other alternative methods given below.

Can I use area code 415 number as my personal mobile number?

No. Since, it was discontinued long back, it cannot be considered as a personal mobile number.

How do I call up a 415 number?

To reach the 415 area code directly, you will have to dial the following ten digit number: (415) 555-1234. Alternatively, you can use an online directory or app to find out more information about that.


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