475 Area code [Location map,Time Zone, Free, Fake details]

Are you getting distracted while seeing area codes displayed on your phone? Even you don’t know a call is coming from which location? Feel hesitate to pick it up because it can help anyone else from anywhere. So, this 3-digit code helps to identify 475 area code across North America.


It was proposed by the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control in August 1999. It was in working from December 2009.

Is area code 475 a Fake?

It’s a valid question for those who avoid getting victims through scams or frauds. The caller identification is a problematic thing for the users. This area code avoids you from getting scams from anyone. So, this code is not a scam, but it can be aware and avoid you from different types of scams on phones. It can also help if someone wants to steal your personal or financial information.

These types of calls are usually fake and suspicious. When they contact someone, pretend that they are government coordinators or agency workers. And try to ask for your private information. So, this code helps you to become aware.

You can protect yourself from these types of scams by using Different methods.

  • Use area codes
  • Block the caller numbers
  • Block unknown phone number calls.

What is area code 475?

Area code 475 is a unique telephone code usually used in North America. It is provided to Connecticut, specifically by people within a short time.

It might be possible that coming calls in area code 475 from its surrounding states, cities, and regions. Ridgefield, Westport, East Haven, Cannondale, Woodbury Center, Stratford, Bridgeport, Danbury, Southport, etc.

Area code 475 location map

 475 Area code

How do I block spam calls that are from area code 475?

It’s very to block unknown numbers from your mobile phone devices. In this way, you can protect yourself from phone scams. Blocking any spamming number will not receive any phone calls or messages to your mobile.

How can iPhone users Block?

  • Open the setting of new calls.
  • Search the number which you want to block
  • Click on the block option to spam the caller.

How Android can users Block?

  • Open the setting of new calls.
  • Search the number which you want to block
  • Click on the block option to spam the caller.

Is Area code 475 Free of cost?

Area code 475 is not free. There are calls and messages charges applicable for all users. The charges vary according to the region, state, or country.

Area codes which are near to it

Bridgeport, CT 203
Hempstead, NY 516
New City, NY 845
Nearby areas

Top Countries in Area code 475

New Haven86000+
Top countries

Top Cities in Area Code 475

North Haven24,093
Cos Cob6,770
New Haven129,779
Bethlehem Village2,021
Guilford Center2,597
Heritage Village3,736
Cheshire Village5,786

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