501 area code countries, cities, map, updated details 2022

 Area codes in the United States are regulated by the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA). Area codes are three-digit telephone numbers that precede the seven-digit number assigned to individual line connections.

501 area code

The area code makes up the leading first digits of a 10-digit telephone number that can reach any subscriber from anywhere in the United States, Canada, and most of the Caribbean island nations (but not territories) by dialing a minimum of ten digits, including the area code.

What is 501 area code?

The 501 area code belongs to north east region of United States. It is an overlay for central time zone covering eastern Missouri and western Illinois. This numbering plan area was established in November 1994. Numbering resources are not available for 501. The regional center has been assigned in Kansas City, MO.

Where is 501 Area code located?

The 501 area code (or +1-501) is an area code for central Arkansas. It includes Little Rock and North Little Rock.


The 501 area code is a telephone area code in central Arkansas that covers Little Rock and most of its suburbs. It was created on October 25, 1999 by a three-way split of what had been area code 877. The original 870 regions included all of central Arkansas except for Fort Smith and Hot Springs; it served both as Little Rock’s original area code from 1947 to 1998 and as an overlay from 1998 to 1999. By splitting off only Little Rock, it made possible a new codeshare agreement with adjacent areas to the west (northwest Arkansas) which are part of neighboring exchange areas.

501 area code

Under a complicated arrangement, most calls between Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas are still long distance but calls within either area can be dialed as local calls. This arrangement came about because BellSouth (now AT&T), which controlled all telephone service in Arkansas at that time, wanted to spare Northwest Arkansas customers having to change their numbers when 870 was assigned to Little Rock.

However, BellSouth refused requests from AT&T Missouri or other companies who wanted access to Little Rock’s number pool. As such, any company wanting numbers in 501 must lease them from AT&T directly instead of through one of their affiliates. It’s same like 570 area code.

It has been split twice, with neighboring area code 870 being overlaid on top of it in 1999 and area code 479 being overlaid on top of it in 2008, but it still exists as a number portability overlay covering most of Arkansas outside the Metro Areas. This was the first example of an overlay scheme in North America and set the stage for later split and overlay plans elsewhere in the continent.

501 Area code Location map

501 area code map

Is 501 area code a scam?

The last part of a phone number is called an area code. Area codes vary by country or region and are assigned to specific carriers for geographic regions. This is how your call gets connected to where you want to go – it’s also how things like caller ID work.

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Is 501 area code a toll free number?

Do you know what to expect when calling a toll-free number? Most people don’t. There are certain things you should be aware of before calling any customer service line; it doesn’t matter if it’s toll-free or not. It may seem a bit unusual but knowing these little facts can save you time and headache in most situations. Don’t worry—we won’t make your head hurt with too much information.

Top countries in area code 501

Independence CountyJefferson CountyConway County
White CountyGarland CountyPulaski County
Perry CountyFaulkner CountyJohnson County
Van Buren CountyFulton CountyHot Spring County

Top cities served by area code 501

Sherwood Jacksonville
Hot SpringsMountain Pine
Knob balLonsdaleJessieville
Heber SpringsQuitman
Center RidgePleasant Plains


what time is it in area code 501?

501 is a North American Numbering Plan telephone area code in eastern Arkansas. Major city: Little Rock, AR

is 501 a real area code

Yes, it is a real code.

What is the phone number prefix for area code 501?

501 area code is assigned to Arkansas. There are total five area codes in US. They are as follows: 404 (Georgia), 678 (Georgia), 901 (Tennessee), 501 (Arkansas) and 502 (Kentucky). Every state has three or four area codes which are used to provide local calling services to customers. More than one area code is often shared by multiple states. For example, Area Code 501 is shared by some other states like Missouri and Kansas.

How did this area get their own phone number prefix?

The traditional telephone country calling code for United States is +1. It is also known as North American Numbering Plan (NANP) or National Numbering Plan (NNP). It was formerly known as NANPA, in full use for routing of calls to Canada prior to Canadian number relief in 1996. Dialing +1 before a local phone number allows callers from outside area code of 777 to dial long distance within United States.

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