618 Area code History, Location map, countries, cities

Area codes are phone numbers assigned to geographic regions. The 618 area code is used for landline phones in the Chicago metropolitan area.

These are used to geographically define telephone numbers. The United States has 10,958 different area codes, and the number of people in a region using each area code varies greatly. 2,811 area codes in the United States cover at least one million people.

What is the 618 area code?

A 618 area code is a phone number with six digits, like +1-618-555-5555. This type of phone number is often associated with businesses or organizations.

618 area code

If you need to reach someone who lives in this area, then you should use the 618 code to dial them. If you have a business in the 618 area, your best bet would be to use that number to call them.

How many areas are covered by this?

It covers the greater Chicagoland area, which includes Cook County, Illinois,

The area code of 618 was established in 1947 as part of the original plan to separate long-distance calls from local calls. Before this time, all calls were considered long distance regardless of where they originated.

 History of 618 area code

It was originally assigned to the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. AT&T first used it in 1935 as a toll-free number, then became a standard telephone prefix in 1947.

The 618 exchange was never intended to serve all the suburbs surrounding New York City, but rather just those areas served by Long Island Telephone Company (LITel). At its peak in the late 1950s, LITel had over 1,500 miles of wire between Manhattan and Port Jefferson, Long Island.

618 area code

In 1969, the 618 area code was split off from 718 and was given to the cities of Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Utica, Binghamton, Poughkeepsie, Watertown, and Scranton. On March 1st, 2015, that was split up and reorganized into three new area codes: 708 (Chicago), 312 (Evanston) and 630 (Naperville). These changes took effect on October 15th, 2015.

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What Are The Three Area Codes For 618?

There are two types of phone numbers, local and non-local. A local phone number is usually found within the same city. A local phone number is (312) 555-1234. Non-local phone numbers usually refer to people living outside of the immediate area. They are usually found in larger cities such as Chicago. Examples include (800) 555-1234 and (212) 555-1234.

618 Area code map

618 area code map

Is the 618 area code a scam?

Most people receive calls from an unknown number in the 618. They say they are calling from “The IRS” and that I owe them money. They don’t know anyone who works for the IRS or has any kind of tax debt.

Here’s what one caller said:

“Hi, this is John Doe with The IRS. We’ve been trying to get in touch with you for quite some time now. We’re trying to figure out if you’ve filed your taxes yet. If not, we need you to file to start collecting on it.”

Is the 618 area code toll-free?

Not Its a Toll-free Number.

How To Get Phone Number Of Someone In Area Code 618?

Find out how to get a cell phone number lookup by entering an 8 digit phone number into our free database search engine. You can use it to find any person’s phone number on the planet! Try

It will list their name, address, email, website, social media links, even recent photos. Click through to see more info about the number you want to search.

Top Counties in Area Code 618

CountyTotal Population% of 618% of County
St. Clair, IL270,0564%100%
Madison, IL269,2825%100%
Williamson, IL65,2573%100%
Jackson, IL62,1184%100%
Franklin, IL34,4613%100%
Marion, IL37,3374%100%
Jefferson, IL36,5274%100%
Clinton, IL35,6623%100%
Randolph, IL33,3764%100%
Monroe, IL32,8573%100%
Saline, IL24,9132%100%
Jersey, IL22,9852%100%
Perry, IL22,3503%100%

 Top Cities in Area Code 618

CityTotal Population% of 618% of City
Belleville, IL43,4780%100%
Granite City, IL28,8490%100%
O’Fallon, IL27,2810%100%
Alton, IL26,8650%100%
East St. Louis, IL25,0060%100%
Carbondale, IL23,9020%100%
Collinsville, IL24,5790%100%
Edwardsville, IL21,2930%100%
Godfrey, IL19,9820%100%
Marion, IL18,1930%100%
Fairview Heights, IL18,0780%100%
Mount Vernon, IL16,2770%100%


What Is The Best Way To Send an Email To Someone Who Lives In 618 Area Code?

Just enter their full address into the field below and click “Search” to instantly check if we’ve listed their email address already.

How To Reach Someone In 618 Area By Their Phone Number

The easiest way to call someone in the 618 area is to first look for their phone number online. Look up their phone number here and find their location. Then try to call them directly by dialling the number above.

What is a Toll-free number?

A toll-free number is a phone number with no charge associated with calling it. This means any call made to this number is completely free. Toll-free numbers are often found at the beginning of telephone listings or within business directories. They can be referred to as “1-800” or “1-888” numbers.


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