706 area code history, countries, cities, map details 2022

 Area codes are used to identify telephone numbers within the United States.You can call anyone from anywhere in the US or Canada using their local number. If you want to reach out to someone outside of these areas, try calling them from another country.

What is 706 area code?

The 706 area code in the United States of America (USA) and Canada is a telephone number prefix allocated to the state of Louisiana. This was introduced on March 31, 1947 as part of an extensive numbering plan for the USA. It has been used by all telecommunication carriers in the region since then, including wireless providers.

Where they works?

Area codes are assigned to geographic regions within a country or continent. In the North American Numbering Plan, an area code is always associated with a single-digit suffix. For example, the area code 706 in Louisiana is paired with the 662 area code in Texas. This pairing allows both states to use the same number format without having to worry about which area code they belong to. There is no longer any physical separation between the two area codes, so each one uses the entire 10 digit phone number space available in the respective region.

Where does 706 area code come from?

The 706 phone area code originated in the early 20th century as a result of the rapid growth of telecommunications infrastructure in the southern U.S. During this time period, new telephone exchanges were being built throughout the region. Many of these exchanges had multiple lines serving the same geographical location. As demand increased, it became necessary to assign different exchange numbers to different locations, while still maintaining the ability to distinguish among those locations.

706 area code

In order to accomplish this task, the North American Numbering System (NANP), commonly referred to as seven-digit dialing, was developed. Under NANP, every ten-digit phone number consists of three groups of digits: Area Code, Exchange Code, and Phone Number. When calling a person’s phone number, the caller must dial only the first three groups of digits; the last four digits are automatically filled in by the system based on where the caller is located.

For example, if you wanted to make a phone call to a friend who lives in the Lafayette, LA area, you would have to dial *726-555-1234. This tells your phone company that you wish to place a call to the city of Lafayette, and asks it to connect your call to the appropriate line at the specific exchange in Lafayette.

Why do we need 706 area code? How did it get there?

When the 706 area code was established in 1947, it replaced the original 903 area code in Louisiana. Since the establishment of thethat area code, several other area codes have been added to cover smaller towns scattered across the state. These include the 801 area code covering Alexandria, the 802 area code covering Baton Rouge, the 504 area code covering New Orleans, and the 985 area code covering Covington/Hattiesburg.

There are currently 11 telephone service provider companies operating in Louisiana. They are AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier Communications, SBC, Suncom, T-Mobile, Verizon, Windstream, Alltel, Ameritech, and Sprint. As of 2016, most of these companies serve customers using either wireline networks or mobile networks.

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What cities are covered by the 706 area code?

As of 2017, the 706 area covers all but five of the parishes in Louisiana:

Who lives in the 706 area code area?

As of 2017, approximately 1.3 million people live in the 706 area, representing about 6 percent of the total population of Louisiana. The majority of people living in the 706 area belong to one of two ethnicities: African Americans and Caucasians. However, since some census blocks only contain a small percentage of the overall population.

How can I find out my area code?

If you want to know where you live you will need to look up your address on the Internet. You can also check with your local post office or call your utility company to see which area code they use for their services. In many cases, utilities provide information regarding their customer base online. For instance, if you call Verizon Wireless, you will be asked whether you reside in an urban or suburban area. If you answer “urban,” you will then receive a list of possible area codes Like 707,716,724.

706 area code map

706 area code
706 code map

 Is area code 706 a scam?

No, Area Code 706 is not a scam.  This number was created by scammers who wanted to get people to call them back. They have also changed their name several times over the years. If you see this number listed anywhere, please be aware that they may be trying to scam you.

Top countries in area code 706

 Banks CountyBurke CountyCatoosa County
Chattahoochee CountyChattooga CountyClarke County
Columbia CountyDade CountyDawson County
Elbert CountyFannin CountyFloyd County
Franklin CountyGilmer CountyGlascock County
Gordon CountyGreene CountyHabersham County
Hancock CountyHarris CountyHart County
Heard CountyJackson CountyJasper County
Jefferson CountyLincoln CountyLumpkin County
Madison CountyMcDuffie CountyMeriwether County
Morgan CountyMurray CountyMuscogee County
Oconee CountyOglethorpe CountyPickens County
Pike CountyPutnam CountyRabun County
Richmond CountyStephens CountyTalbot County
Taliaferro CountyTowns CountyTroup County
Union CountyUpson CountyWalker County
Warren CountyWhite CountyWhitfield County

Frequently asked questions

 Is 706 area code Toll free ?

yes, its a toll free number. Its specifically use for the purpose of communication between clients and business communities.

How many people live in Louisiana?

Louisiana has approximately 4 million residents.

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