707 Area code – Details [Time zone,Location,Cities]

The 707 Area code is a special one created just for this geographical region. Below are some frequently asked questions about the tricky number that has been calling your phone lately:

Where is area code 707?

Area code 707 is located in California. It serves the northern part of the state, including the Bay Area and Wine Country. If you are looking for more information on this area code, or need to call someone in this region, you can find everything you need here!

What is 707 number and where is it coming from?

When the telephone area code 707 was created, it covered all of North America. This is because this new number was split from 415 and had its own set of three digits – seven in total! The first part or “split” occurred on March 1st 1959 with an event known as ‘ flash-cut‘.

It means that people living near each other could call one phone without having another person’s contact info already stored inside their heads thanks for remembering what carrier they used when making calls during those days before cell phones existed so often everyday life took over most professional activities related communication skills needed everywhere nowadays especially at work where things sometimes get pretty intense and they have basic undertsanding of the area codes.

Area code 707 Map

 Area code 707 map

707 Area code cities

Albion, CADillon Beach, CABirds Landing, CA
Blocksburg, CABodega, CABodega Bay, CA
Boonville, CAAnnapolis, CAArcata, CA
Elmira, CACalpella, CACamp Meeker, CA
Carlotta, CACaspar, CACazadero, CA
Alderpoint, CAAmerican Canyon, CAAngwin, CA
rescent City, CACutten, CABayside, CA
Benicia, CAClearlake, CACobb, CA
Elk, CABoyes Hot Springs, CABranscomb, CA
Bridgeville, CACalistoga, CADeer Park, CA
Clearlake Oaks, CAClearlake Park, CACloverdale, CA
Eureka, CAFairfield, CAComptche, CA
Cotati, CACovelo, CAFerndale, CA
Fields Landing, CAFinley, CAForestville, CA
Dixon, CADos Rios, CADuncans Mills, CA
El Verano, CAEldridge, CAFort Dick, CA
Fortuna, CAFulton, CAGarberville, CA
Gasquet, CAGeyserville, CAGlen Ellen, CA
Glenhaven, CAGraton, CAGualala, CA
Guerneville, CAHealdsburg, CAHidden Valley Lake, CA
Honeydew, CAHopland, CAHydesville, CA
Jenner, CAKelseyville, CAKenwood, CA
Klamath, CA  

How to get a 707 area code Phone number?

Are calls from 707 area code a scam?

Due to the large number of 707s in northwestern California, scammers are also using this opportunity. They may call you claiming that they’re from your company’s customer service team and ask if everything is okay or try charging people just by answering their phone calls!

If you ever receive a call from an unfamiliar area code, look up on the internet and check if that company’s number is being shown online. If it isn’t then hang up immediately because this could mean scammers trying to get your information!

Are calls from 707 numbers toll free?

When you receive a call from 707 number, it is not toll free like 780 . Both international and local calls will carry charges that vary on the company your cellular mobile service was acquired with paging services being an additional charge for each one used according to their policy statements whether they allow usage or not varies by provider so be sure ask about these things.

what state has the area code in usa, where is this phone number from Area Code:

 This area code was assigned on January 01. The Area Code belongs to the state of California. On January 01, it went into service

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