713 Area Code

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Where is area code 713?

Area code 713 serves Houston. There are three overlay codes serving the same area.

What is the meaning behind 713 area code?

The 713 area code is assigned to the city of Houston, TX.

What time zone is area code 713?

The United States of America uses the Eastern Standard Time Zone. The time zone for area code 713 is Eastern Standard Time, which means that in this time zone, it’s noon on Sunday when the sun rises and it’s midnight on Saturday.


713 is one of the original area codes. Area code 281 was created in 1996. Area code 832 was created in 1999. Both areas serve southeast Texas including Houston.

How many phone numbers start with 713?

There are approximately 1,876,845 phone numbers starting with 713.

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what is 713 number and what location is it coming from?

I have a phone call that keeps showing up in my voicemail. It’s not mine, but I don’t know who the caller is or where they’re calling me from. The message says “713-853-7192” and then a bunch of other numbers. What does this mean?

This could be an automated call. This type of call can originate from anywhere in the world. If you get calls like this often, you may want to consider purchasing a call blocking service.

Are calls from area code 713 a scam?

I have been getting calls from an unknown number that is in the 713 area code. I do not know if it is a scam or what, but they are trying to sell me something and I am suspicious of them. They call at all hours of the day and night. Is there anything I should look out for?

Scammers will sometimes use a spoofed number to make their calls appear as though they are coming from your own phone line. Scammers also use spoofing technology to disguise their actual locations so that you cannot trace their calls back to them.

Is 713 area code used by any other carriers?

No, it is only used by AT&T. Other companies such as Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile US, Sprint Corporation, and U.S. Cellular do not operate within the 713 area code boundaries.

Are calls from area code toll-free?

Yes, all calls to the number are toll-free. However, some carriers charge a fee for receiving calls on their network. If you receive an unwanted call and want to block it, simply hang up or press *67 instead of answering the call.

What is the difference between the 713 and 281 area codes?

The 713 and 281 area code regions overlap each other. Both area codes cover the entire state of Texas. The 713 area code covers the cities of Houston, Beaumont, Conroe, Spring, Katy, Webster, Baytown, Galveston, League City, Clear Lake, Friendswood, Pasadena, Pearland, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Humble, Deer Park, Cypress, Tomball, Kingwood, Stafford, Alvin, Jersey Village, North Richland Hills, Southlake, West University Place, Bellaire, Channelview, Dickinson, Galena Park, Grand Prairie, Irving, Mesquite, Nederland.

How do I block unwanted calls from numbers?

I have a number of friends who are constantly getting phone calls from people they don’t know. They’ve had to answer their phones and talk to these callers, sometimes for hours at a time.  

Top Counties in Area Code 713

CountyTotal Population% of 713% of County
Fort Bend600,37512%63%
San Jacinto26,3844%29%

Top Cities in 713 Area Code

CityTotal Population% of 713% of City
League City63,7601%100%
Sugar Land80,4341%100%
The Woodlands93,8471%81%
Missouri City67,3581%100%
Atascocita, TX65,8441%100%
Spring, TX54,2981%100%
Channelview, TX38,2890%100%
Mission Bend, TX36,5010%100%
Friendswood, TX35,8050%100%
La Porte, TX33,8000%100%

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