740 Area code Toll free, Scam updated details 2022

It can be unsettling when a call comes in from an unusual 740 Area code, especially if the number keeps phoning or texting your phone repeatedly. Who might it be on the other end of that call, and where could it be coming from? The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding area code 740 are provided down below.

What is the area code 740, and where does it come from in the United States?

740 Area code

The initial implementation of the 740 area code took place in September of 1997. The previously mentioned area code was replaced by the new area code 220 on April 22, 2015, when it was determined that the previously utilized area code 740 would be completely depleted of its numbering resources in the year 2015.

The time zone that applies to the 740 area code is known as Eastern Time. It encompasses both the southeastern and central regions of the state of Ohio, as well as the areas immediately surrounding the state, including cities such as Newark, Granville, Ashville, Lancaster, Mount Vernon, Newcomerstown, Zanesville, Logan, Steubenville, Marietta, Coshocton, Gallipolis, Cadiz, Shadyside, and Delaware.

Is area code 740 a scam?

Due to the fact that phone scams are one of the most prevalent ways to defraud other people, there is a risk that a call or text message coming from the area code 740 is fraudulent. Con artists often adopt the persona of business investors in order to defraud their victims.

They might also say that they are a customer care representative of a certain firm, in which case they might ask you questions about your personal information and claim to be working for that company.

Take careful note of the firm name if it is mentioned by the person calling you, and then do a search on Google to look into their history. You should immediately hang up the call and block the number if you are unable to locate any valid information pertaining to the number that was used to make the call.

How can I prevent calls from coming in from the 740 area code?

Calls coming from an unknown number with the area code 740 should be blocked to prevent the risk of being scammed. A number can be blocked in the following ways:

Those who use an iPhone

  • Click the I button after recent calls have been opened.
  • Scroll down until you reach the bottom, then tap the “block this caller” button.

For Android user

  • Go to your recent call records, then tap the “details” button when you’re there.
  • To complete it, click the “block number” button.

Is there a charge for using the 740 area code?

740 Area code

In no uncertain terms, no. A fee will be assessed for each successful local and international call that is made from this area code. In this situation, it’s possible that overseas calls will be more expensive than local ones.

You may be charged by the minute for your phone call, or you could be charged based on how long your call was. You can learn more about this topic by inquiring with the local carrier or the telecommunications firm from where you get your mobile phone and any other wireless services. You can do this by asking them for the information.

In conclusion

When conducting a background check, it is important to make a note of any companies that are mentioned by the caller. Calls from numbers you are not familiar with should also be ignored because the call could be coming from a con artist or be a robocall.

Scam calls are most commonly connected with calls that automatically charge the account of the receiver if the call is answered. Last but not least, the act of contacting the number back could be another factor in the substantial charge that was made to your account.

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