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When you get a call or a message from a number with a new 747 Area code, the first thing that probably goes through your head is whether or not the number is associated with con artists. The 747 is a special area code that is not used anywhere else in the country. If you are interested in learning more about this area code, the following information is provided, some of which may be helpful to you…

Where does the 747 number come from, and what city is it in right now?

747 Area code

The 747 area code is a unique code in the state of California that serves the communities to the south and west of the San Fernando Valley region in Los Angeles County.

On October 11, 2009, the 747 area code was officially put into service. The telephone industry and the California Public Utilities Commission were responsible for its implementation. This separation from the 818 area code came about as a result of their efforts. The 747 area code serves a large portion of the state of California, including some of its most populous communities such as Los Angeles, San Fernando, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, and Burbank.

Are calls from 747 area code a scam?

The majority of calls coming from this number, 747, are not affiliated with con artists. Nevertheless, in order to avoid any confusion, you should check the location of the call at all times. If the caller states the name of a company, you should check the company’s website to see if the number calling is listed in their contact information. If it is, you can safely answer the call.

If you are unable to locate the number on their website, you should immediately hang up the phone or refrain from responding to the message. You also have the option to block the number, just in case.

Where is the 747 area code located?

747 area code

The state of California use the 747 as its area code. In 2008, the California Public Utilities Commission came to the conclusion that the area code 747 will be added on top of the existing area code 818. In order to make a local call inside the same NPA (area code), the dialling pattern is 1+10D.

How do I prevent 747 from making unwanted phone calls?

747 area code located

The following are some easy instructions on how to block a number from your phone, which you can follow if you want to stop receiving nuisance phone calls from the 747 number:

In the event that you own an iPhone;

  • Navigate to your most recent calls, then click the I button.
  • Click the “block this caller” button that you’ll see further down the page.

If you are someone who uses Android;

  • The instructions for iPad users are very similar to those for iPhone users.
  • Activate your recent call history.
  • To find the block number, go to “details” and then click “block number.”

Is there a charge for using the 747 area code?

The area code 747 does not support free toll calling. Depending on the firm from which you obtained your communication services, you could have to pay additional fees. Checking the company’s policies and regulations is the best way to ensure accuracy.


It is essential that you are aware that calls made from a landline with the 747 area code will not be free. The area code is only valid for a small portion of the country, and calls made from outside the country may incur additional fees.

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