757 Area code countries, cities, map, Scam Details 2022

The 757 area code was created on November 15, 1996, from the 212 and 614 area codes merger. The code initially covered Queens and Brooklyn in New York City and parts of Long Island in Nassau County. On January 1, 2001, the 757 code was expanded to include Staten Island.

757 area code

The area code 757 is centered in eastern North Carolina. The area code was established in 1947 and covered 22,419 square miles. This covers parts of central New Jersey, including Newark, Trenton, and Camden.

What is the 757 area code?

Area code 757 is one of North America’s original area codes, first established in 1947. The majority of the population in this area lives in or near New York City, but the number of people who need to use it for phone calls is growing.

Geographical Status

The geographical area is covered by the 757 area code. The North American Numbering Plan, or NANP, assigns telephone numbers to each state in the union and its associated Canadian provinces.

The system is divided into the National Area Code (NAC) and the Local Area Code (LAC). The NAC consists of 10 digits and the LAC of 7 digits.

757 area code

Area code 757 is one of the most popular in the United States. The seven-digit code was first put into service in 1957 and covered parts of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. The geographical area c is approximately 4,300,000 square miles, and the population of this area was estimated at 21,758,972 in 2006.

It was assigned to a variety of carriers. The first switched telephone exchanges in the North Carolina region were located in Durham, Burlington, Raleigh, and Greensboro.

Area code 757 Location map

757 area code map

Is the 757 area code a scam?

No, it is not a scam. It is the most controversial telephone number in the United States. Many people believe it is a scam because major companies or organizations do not use it.

Many people believe that the number was deliberately assigned to areas with low population densities to create long wait times for phone calls. The truth about area code 757 may never be known, but its reputation continues to grow.

Is area code 757 a Toll-free Number?

The area code 516 does not appear to be a toll-free number. Phone calls with this code, both international and local, pay a fee on your phone account. It’s worth noting that international or long-distance calls are significantly more expensive than local ones. The cost of these calls is determined by the telecommunications firm you use.

Top countries in 757 area code

 Virginia Beach                 Chesapeake                                      Newport News                                
Norfolk                Portsmouth                                       Suffolk                 
Hampton                            James City                                          York                      
Isle of Wight                      Accomack                           Williamsburg                                     
Southampton                   Franklin                               Surry                                    
Northampton                   Poquoson                          New Kent                           

How to call the 757 Phone number?

Many people might have difficulty calling a 757 phone number. This type of phone number is not commonly found in the United States. For those who are still not sure how to make a call to a 757 phone number, this article will provide the necessary information. How to call an 800 number? The most common phone number in the U.S. is the 8-digit format.

Top cities in area code 757

  Virginia Beach, VAChesapeake, VANewport News, VA
Norfolk, VAPortsmouth, VASuffolk, VA
Hampton, VAWilliamsburg, VAFranklin, VA
Smithfield, VACarrollton, VABethel Manor, VA
Poquoson, VAChincoteague, VAWindsor, VA
Exmore, VACourtland, VAOnancock, VA
Wattsville, VACaptains Cove, VARushmere, VA
Cape Charles, VAWakefield, VABenns Church, VA
Atlantic, VAParksley, VACamptown, VA
Tangier, VAPastoria, VASouthampton Meadows, VA

What is the cost of living in the 757 area code?

The cost of living can vary depending on the location, but generally speaking, it tends to be more expensive than other country areas. In particular, housing is often more expensive here, and groceries and other necessities tend to be more expensive.

Additionally, the area code has a higher concentration of professional and business services than most others, so people who work in those industries may find their costs higher here than elsewhere.

What is the population of area code 757?

The population of the 757 area code is approximately 9 million people.

What is the median income in the 757 area code?

The median household income is $98,947. This is higher than the national median of $59,530. The highest income household in the area code earned $188,000, while the lowest-income household earned just over $35,000. 

What is the median age of the 757 area code?

The median age is 38 years old.


The areas surrounding 757 are home to many people and businesses who appreciate the convenience of the area code. However, the area code does have its drawbacks, including high phone bills and difficulty getting through to people.

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