786 Area code Time zone, location, scam Updated Details

When a new 786 area code appears on your phone, you probably pause for a while to consider what you ought to do next. Is the number related with those who commit fraud? Or do you find yourself wondering where it could be coming from? No need to be concerned! The following are a handful of questions that are frequently asked in relation to the area code 786.

Where does area code 786 come from and what is the area code itself?

The numbering plan area 305 was superimposed with the 786 area code when it was created. Because of the explosive rise of mobile phone and pager users in South Florida, it wasn’t long before the area code 305 came dangerously near to running out of available numbers, thus in 1998, a new one was introduced into service. Within the confines of the Eastern Time zone is where you’ll find the 786 area code, which is part of the North American Numbering Plan for telephone areas.

It extends across the entire state of Florida in the United States, including cities and communities such as:

Country ClubDoral
PinecrestCountry Walk
BrownsvilleWestwood Lakes
Key WestPrinceton
Golden GladesPalmetto Bay
Glenvar HeightsSouth Miami
Sunny Isles BeachIves Estates
HomesteadThe Hammocks
Cutler BayNorth Miami Beach

Is it safe to answer the phone when someone calls from the 786 area code?

It is fair to wonder if the call you have received was made by con artists who are trying to steal your money. One of the concerns that people have the most frequently regarding area codes are incoming phone calls that originate from a different and potentially confusing area code. There are some calls that might give the impression that they are originating from the United States, but they are actually international calls that, if answered, could result in significant fees being deducted from your account.

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You shouldn’t pick up the phone if you don’t recognize the number or have any reason to suspect it’s a scam. You also have the option to block the number that was used to call you, which would prevent you from receiving future calls from the same number.

How can I prevent unsolicited calls from coming in from the area code 786?

Do you have reason to be sceptical about the call you just got? Please adhere to the following instructions in order to block the number from your phone:


  • To begin, launch your most recent call records, then after that, select the “details” tab. After that, you should select the “block number” option.


  • The method is almost exactly the same. Tap “I” after you’ve navigated to the recent call logs section. Scroll all the way down until you reach the bottom, and then tap “block this caller.”

Is there a charge for using the 786 area code?

The area code 786 does not support free toll calling. When making a local or international call from a 786 number, you may be subject to charges based on the minute that the call lasts. In addition, there is a fee for contacting any number beginning with 786-xxx-xxx. Those made internationally may be more expensive for users of the 786-xxxx-xxxx number than calls made locally. You can get additional information about this situation by contacting your local telecommunications provider and voicing your concerns to them.

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In conclusion

Never pick up the phone to answer a call from a number you do not recognize; this is the single most critical tip to keep in mind. Calls of this nature are sometimes made by con artists, and taking the call could result in significant additional charges being added to your phone bill. In addition, it is important to emphasize once more that the telephone area code 786 is not a toll-free area code.

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