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If you get a call from an 805 area code, you might find yourself wondering who is calling you or where the call is emanating from if you don’t recognise the number. Along with the overlay area code 820, the area code 805, which was first implemented in 1957, serves a considerable chunk of Monterey and Kern counties in the state of California. Please continue reading for further information regarding this area code.

When exactly did the area code of 805 become in use?

805 Area Code

The cities of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura are all within the area covered by the 805 area code, which provides telephone service to Monterey and Kern counties in the state of California. In 1957, the area code 805 was separated from the area code 213, and then in 1999, it was separated once again with the area code 661 to accommodate locations such as the San Joaquin Valley, the Santa Clarita Valley, and the Antelope Valley.

Additionally, U.S. Military Facilities are supplied by 805, specifically those located in Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Islands. This is possible because the first satellite communications station was constructed close to Camp Roberts. The California Public Utilities Commission (also known as the CPUC) held a hearing in 2016 concerning an overlay for 805 during that year. In order to avoid exhaustion, a new area code is being introduced for the same geographic region so that an overlay can be implemented. This took place in the area with the area code 805 on May 25, 2017, with the area code 820 serving as its overlay.

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Where does area code 805 service?

Area code 805 services mainly the California area namely the counties of

Monterey Gorda
San Luis ObispoAtascadero
Avila BeachBaywood-Los Osos
California ValleyCambria
Grover BeachHalcyon
HarmonyLake Nacimiento
Los OsosMorro Bay
Paso RoblesPismo Beach
PozoSan Luis Obispo
San MiguelSan Simeon
Santa MargaritaShandon
TempletonSanta Barbara 
Hope RanchIsla Vista
LompocLos Alamos
Los OlivosMission Canyon
Mission HillsMontecito
New CuyamaOrcutt
Santa BarbaraSanta Maria
Santa YnezSisquoc
Toro CanyonVandenberg AFB
Vandenberg VillageVentucopa
Ventura Buckhorn
CamarilloCasa Conejo
Channel Islands BeachEl Rio
FillmoreLa Conchita
Lake SherwoodMeiners Oaks
Mira MonteMontalvo
MoorparkNewbury Park
Oak ViewOjai
Point MuguPort Hueneme
Santa PaulaSaticoy
Simi ValleySomis
Thousand OaksVentura

In terms of other facts, Ventura County has the most residents out of any county in the state with 823,318 people, and Oxnard has the most citizens out of any city in the state with 197,899 people.

Which time zone does the area code (805 in the United States) belong to?

805 Area Code

Since it services the state of California, area code 805 corresponds to the Pacific Time zone (PT) (PT). The time in the Pacific Time zone is eight hours behind the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-8:00), although during the summer months, the time is moved forward by one hour to UTC-7:00 to accommodate daylight savings time. Pacific Standard Time is observed from the beginning of November until the middle of March, and Standard Time is observed from the middle of March until the beginning of November. The Pacific Time zone is the one that is followed by the largest area, which is Los Angeles.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 was put into effect in 2007, and as a result, the local time was changed from PST to PDT at 02:00 LST to 3:00 LDT (LST stands for local standard time, while LDT stands for local daylight time) on the second Sunday in March. The time then reverts back to PST at 2:00 LDT to 1:00 LST on the first Sunday in November. When calling from a different place, it is especially vital to be aware of these different time zones in order to avoid any unpleasant interactions over the phone.

What is the dialing procedure for an 805 number?

Dialing with 10 digits was to become mandatory for all newly assigned telephone numbers in the 820 and 805 areas beginning in June of 2018. In order to call a number using ten digits, the prefix of a 1+ trunk code must first be dialled, followed by the area code, and then the number.

Are calls to the 805 area code free of charge?

The number 805 does not qualify as a free-phone option.

Is 805 area code a scam?

A recent scam that involved the 805 area code involved a con artist pretending to be a member of the Social Security Administration and claiming that they were coordinating with the Santa Barbara Police Department. The con artist then demanded personal information as well as money and threatened arrest if the demands were not followed.

Always be on the lookout for con artists! If you get a call from a con artist, do not provide any personal information, hang up immediately, and block the number. Do not answer calls from numbers that you are not familiar with to keep yourself secure.

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