916 Area Code Phone Lookup, Countries, Cities Details

In 1947, one of the first years of operation for area codes in the state of California was 1947, and one of those area codes was 916, which services the greater part of Sacramento along with its overlay code of 279. In the beginning, it was responsible for covering a large portion of California, but later on, it was broken up in order to cover an even larger area of the state. It was divided in 1959, giving birth to the 707 area code, and again in 1997, giving birth to the 530 area code.

The following counties are included among those that are covered by the area code 916 and its overlay code 279:

The area code 530 can be found to the north and east of the 916 area code, while the area code 707 can be found to the west, and the area codes 925 and 209 can be found to the south. The overlay number for it is 279. When one area code is assigned to locations that already have their own code, this is known as an overlay. This is done to prevent the codes from becoming exhausted.

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Area code 229 Timezone details

Since it is located on the west coast, the area code 916 uses the Pacific time zone. The time in the Pacific time zone is always eight hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-8:00), with the exception of the summer months when daylight saving time is in effect. This time zone is used year-round in this area. The time is advanced by one hour in accordance with the daylight savings time protocol (UTC-7:00).

Area code 916

It is essential to take into consideration the time zone of the region from which you are going to make a call. This is quite important in order to avoid any unwanted occurrence that could have been caused by contacting at an inappropriate hour.

Area code 916 Map

Area code 916 Map

Is there a charge for calling someone with the 916 area code?

No, the 916 area code does not have free toll calling. Simply go to the website of an internet phone service provider and get your number modified to obtain your own own 916 number.

How do I dial a number starting with 916?

To call an area code 916, dial in first 1+ area code+ 7 digit number. In the event that you did not dial 1+, your call would not be connected.

Even if the owner of the cellphone didn’t push the 1 button, the call would still go through.

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Is the number 916 a scam?

In today’s world, acquiring a personal telephone number and tailoring it to your specific requirements is a simple process. The fact that anyone may get their own 916 number and appear to be from the specified area would be the only drawback to this arrangement.

If you get a call from a con artist, you should immediately block their number.

To block a number on an iPhone, simply hit the I icon with the circle around it, choose “more details,” and then select “block this number.” Android users should navigate to recent calls, click “details,” and then select “block this number” from the menu that appears.

916 Area Code

Why you should receive a number starting with 916.

If you own a company, it would be to your advantage to get a 916 number because this number makes it possible for more customers to contact your company. Your potential consumers will find that calling a local number is not only more convenient and economical for them, but it may also motivate them to support your company.

The greater Sacramento area is a bustling metropolis with a large number of population, and your company might find that this presents a number of opportunities. Your consumers’ enquiries would be simplified, and it would be easier for you to be seen in the region if you had a 916 number.

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