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917 Area Code New York City (NYC) is home to a sizable population that has witnessed remarkable growth throughout the course of recent history. It is possible that an increase in population will result in a shortage of numbers; therefore, in 1992, New York City established in order to increase the number of phone numbers that are available.

917 Area Code

The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island are the five boroughs of New York City that are served by it, which was the first overlapping to be implemented as part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

The area code serves as an overlay code for all of the numbering plan areas (NPAs) located within the city.

Its original purpose was to accommodate cellular, pager, and voicemail applications located throughout the city; however, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) later ruled that this limitation was unlawful. Despite this ruling,it continues to be used within the boundaries of New York City. In order to make up for the lack of landline numbers in Manhattan and other parts of the city, it also utilized for landline telephones. It is compatible with a variety of other area codes, including 202, 335, 716, and 646.


The history begins in 1947 when the North American numbering plan was implemented. At that time, the major code for all of the counties that make up New York City was 212. Today, however, the predominant area is 917. When the Numbering Plan Area (NPA) was redistributed in 1984, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island were given a different numbering plan area that made use of it, and 212 was restricted to only Manhattan and the Bronx. This change resulted in only Manhattan and the Bronx having access to .

917 Area Code

In 1990, the New York telephone company requested that the New York Public Service Commission deny their request to assign to all mobile phones and pagers in Manhattan as well as all phone lines throughout the Bronx in order to alleviate the shortage of numbers in Manhattan. However, this request was denied by the New York Public Service Commission.

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However, in 1992, the 212 was reassigned to the borough of Manhattan, while the numbers 718 and 719 were assigned to Marble Hill and the Bronx respectively. An extra 917 area code was assigned to each of the city districts in an overlapped fashion, and it was made available to them all.

It was the first area code 917 overlay to be implemented as part of the North American numbering plan and was given its start on February 4, 1992. As a result of this change, the area code for all New York City mobile phones was changed to 917, which freed up numbers that could be used for additional landline telephones.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) came to the conclusion not long after the 917 area code was implemented that it was unlawful to restrict the use of only certain categories of services. Despite this decision, the 917 remained in use on the grandfather’s side of the family.

The last area code that was used in the previous X1X format that had a final number that was not 0 was the 917 code, and it has now taken its place as the final area code.

Which time zone does the 917 area code correspond to?

This particular in New York observes Eastern Time (ET), just like the vast majority of other cities located on the eastern seaboard of the United States. The Coordinated Universal Time (also known as Greenwich Mean Time) is 5 hours ahead of this time zone.

As a result, the city observes Coordinated Universal Time (GMT-5) between the months of November and March, but switches to Daylight Saving Time between the months of March and November. As a consequence of this, the 917 area code operates according to Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), also known as UTC/GMT-4, during these months.

This information is very useful in ensuring that you keep the same time as the people or businesses that you are calling in the region if you are making a call to them.

Expansion to New York City with a local business number using the 917 area code

It is well known that New York City has a very diversified population and is welcoming to organisations in a variety of sectors because of this. In this city, starting a business and cultivating a customer that is worthy of respect is completely open to anyone and everyone. A company’s capacity to engage the appropriate audience can be simply evaluated based on the demographic diversity of its customer base.

In addition to this, it can assist in determining which markets would be most beneficial to target next. One of the most effective methods to profit from this is to enter the market in New York City without incurring any expenditures associated with relocating. Help is at hand if you need it in the form of a phone number bearing , which is assigned to New York City.

In addition, many businesses are of the opinion that using local codes for their customer service telephone lines can lend an air of authority to the company’s brand. Investing in a phone number in a city that is home to one of the world’s most prosperous economies will undeniably benefit your company in the long run.

What time zone is the (917) area code located in?

The central time zone, which is the same as New York, is observed in the area code 917, which is based in Illinois. This time zone is commonly referred to as the America/New York time zone.

By using the time zone option, users are able to make calls from locations that are located in different time zones, which further simplifies the process of creating businesses and telephone numbers that are in conformity with the many local time zones.

Which areas are possible origins for a call to 917?

Phone numbers with the 917 area code are found in the following cities and neigh boor hoods: Woodside, Staten Island, Saint Albans, Manhattan, New York, South Richmond Hill, Bayside, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Flushing. You may also find these area codes in Flushing, Bronx, and South Richmond Hill.

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