971 Area code [ Time zone, location map and Tool-free]

Portland, the largest and most populated city in Oregon is not only known as the “City of Roses” but also a beautiful spot for relaxation. It has many green spaces to offer including Forest Park which covers over 1,300 acres with 65 miles’ linear parks along its edges! There are so many delicious food items on menus these days such as craft beverages made from locally sourced ingredients or even wood-fired oven pizzas that will make your mouth water just reading about them here – we know because they’re ours too 😉 The people who live here always show you how friendly our town can be when visitors come through; check out all those reviews online proving this point.

Portland, Oregon, Is the Next Big Startup Scene. These Are the Names and  Places to Know | Inc.com

The 971 area code is for both businesses and residents in the Portland metro area. A virtual business phone number can help you establish a local presence to promote your company, product or service with potential clients who live here as well!

City of Oregon Trade center

The city of Portland, Oregon is a major hub for trade. In fact, it’s one the country’s top five ports to Import and Export shipments with $15 billion worth annually coming into this Pacific Northwest location every year from all over the world! Some industries you can find here include Manufacturing Tech Healthcare which makes up some pretty exciting developments in technology alongside older favorites like Timber/Wood Products or Auto Parts manufacturing but there are also plenty more things going on so check them out yourself next time your around town.

Where is area code 971?

The Oregon Public Utility Commission has approved a plan to expand the 503/971 concentrated overlay. The 10-digit dialing became mandatory in some areas around the year 2000, which created an inconvenience for residents because they were not used to having ten-digit numbers all around town like 877.

971 area code history

The new 971 area code was put into place on October 1, 2000. It replaced the 503 and now serves as an overlay for this region of America’s Northwest Coast to OC (Oregon coast). The following cities are included in that area.

When you are looking to break into the Oregon market, it’s crucial that your business have a local phone number. A virtual 475 area code number will help get customers on board with calling without paying for long-distance service!

971 Area code Time zone

TimezonePacific PSD
Is Toll-free?No


Area code 971 Major cities

Bay CityBeaverton
Bridal VeilColumbia City
ClatskanieCannon Beach

971 Area Code Population

When it comes to population, Portland is the most populous city in Oregon. The metro area has a population of 2 million people and although they’re showing signs that growth may be slowing down, this doesn’t make them any less valuable for new business opportunities.

971 Area code Map

971 area code location map
971 area code location map


How to Call a 971 Area Code Phone Number?

Here’s how to make a phone call to a 971 area code phone number:

  • First Dial 971, the given area code.
  • Then Dial the 7-digit provided phone number.

Are calls from area code 971 a scam?

There are a lot of cases where scammers use 971 as well. If you ever received an unknown call from someone, make sure to check the website for that company and see if they have any updated information on their site or not before hanging up immediately because it can be an emergency situation!

Are calls from 971 numbers toll free?

The 971 number is not toll-free. You may have to pay charges depending on what service you use, so be sure that the company operating your line has indicated this in its terms and conditions before purchasing them

A frequently asked question about international calling cards is whether they’re truly ‘free’ when using one from overseas destinations like Australia or Canada; however, there are always some additional costs associated with making long-distance calls outside of North America due either per minute rates (which tend only apply if talking time exceeds certain amounts) as well other factors such distance over which communications take place, etc…

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