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55 Area code is the only area code serving Rochester.   It was created in 1947 as a split from area code 716, and originally served all of Monroe County. In 1955 it was expanded to serve Genesee and Orleans counties as well. 

585 area code

The original plan for the new number had been to add a second digit to 716 (the same idea used with area codes like 877), but this never happened. Instead, the Rochester Telephone Company chose to retain the existing 716 prefixes for its Rochester exchange. This allowed them to keep their existing numbering scheme while making it easier to remember what phone numbers would be assigned to which area.


The history of the 585 area code in the United States began with a split from the 717 area code on January 1, 1997. The new area code was created to relieve telephone service problems caused by an increase in demand for long-distance calling.

Prior to the split, the entire state of New York was part of the 717 area code. When the new area code was established, there were already problems with telephone service because so many people moved into the western portion of the state. Many businesses and individuals had trouble getting through when they were called out of town.

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As a result, the New York Public Service Commission ordered the creation of the 585 area. The commission decided to create two area codes instead of one to solve the problem. They also determined that since the majority of calls within the state are local, the 585 area code should not include any city or towns outside of Monroe County.

585 area location Map

585 area code map
585 area code map

Where does area code 585 come from?

Area code 585 is a telephone numbering plan used in the U.S. state of California. The area code was created on June 1, 1996, and covers much of Northern California including

 San Jose
 El Dorado Hills
 Placerville, Quincy Ukiah
South Lake Tahoe
Nevada City
Grass Valley Auburn,
Modesto, Santa Rosa
Redding, Eureka
 Arcata, Chico
Oroville, Yreka
Shasta Lake
Red Bluff
Tracy, Gilroy
Morgan Hill
 San Martin
Palo Alto
Mountain View
Sunnyvale, Cupertino
Santa Clara
Los Gatos
San Jose
 Santa Cruz
 Montclair, Salinas
  Santa Barbara
Oxnard, Camarillo.

Top  Counties in Area Code 585

CountyTotal Population% of 585% of County
Ontario, NY111,00108%78%
Livingston, NY55,43310%100%
Genesee, NY59,03209%100%
Wyoming, NY41,23312.5%100%
Allegany, NY44,65715%72%
Orleans, NY41,9035%48%
Steuben, NY94,7683%9%
Yates, NY29,0020.8%29%

Top Cities in Area Code 585

CityTotal Population% of 585% of City
Rochester, NY22,5631%100%
Irondequoit, NY32,6690%100%
Brighton, NY30,6610%100%
Batavia, NY12,4570%100%
Greece, NY13,5460%100%
Canandaigua, NY11,5430%100%
North Gates, NY10,5420%100%
Brockport, NY9,3230%100%
Geneseo, NY8,0250%100%
East Rochester, NY6,5640%100%
Medina, NY6,0750%100%
Albion, NY6,0640%100%
Hilton, NY4,5860%100%
Hamlin, NY6,4210%100%
Webster, NY6,2190.6%100%


Is area code 585 a scam?

Scamming is a serious crime. People should avoid being scammed. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is responsible for protecting consumers from fraudulent telemarketing practices. You can file a complaint with the FTC at www.ftc.gov/complaint.

If you receive unsolicited calls from someone claiming to represent a government agency such as the Internal Revenue Service, Medicare, Social Security Administration, etc., hang up or contact your local law enforcement officials immediately. These scams have become more prevalent over the past few years.

What do I need to know about the 585 area code?

Area code 585 is the only area code serving the entire state of California. There are no other area codes covering all of California. However, there are several area codes that cover parts of the state. Here are some examples:

Area code 530 serves the northern half of California. Area code 916 serves the southern half of California. Area codes 936 and 949 serve portions of Southern California.

How do I call up a 585 number?

Area codes are used for routing phone calls from one location to another. There are several different types of area codes, including local, toll-free, and long-distance. You should know whether you’re calling a mobile, landline, or VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) number before you dial. For example, a given area code might be connected to another area code, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to take us to the same place. Area code 585 does not charge for calls made from landlines.

Is the 585 number toll-free?

Yes, it is. It’s one of the few numbers in Australia that can be used as an emergency phone number without being charged for the call.

How do you where calling is coming from?

The first digit of the phone number can be used to determine which time zone the call will come from. The first three digits are always 7. This means that when you hear the phone ring, you’ll know whether the person on the line is located in the Pacific Time Zone, Central Time Zone, Mountain Time Zone, or Alaska Time Zone. The next two digits tell you what city the caller is located in. If the last four digits match the following pattern, then you know where the call is coming from:


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