Area code 628 countries, cities, map details 2022

Every phone number in the United States has an area code associated with it, which is assigned to a specific region of the country.

Where Can You Find the 628 Area Code?

In addition to San Francisco and Marin, the 628 area code covers parts of Mill Valley, San Anselmo, San Rafael, Larkspur and Belvedere in Marin County as well as Brisbane, Fairfax, Sausalito, Novato and San Mateo counties in Northern California. To date, the pacific time zone has been used for this area code, which was first introduced in February 2015.

Overlays are the reason some areas have two area codes, as the 628 is an overlay for the 415. One of the first three area codes in California, the 415 area code has been in use since 1947. All calls, including local ones, may use the full ten-digit number for a time following the implementation of overlays (11 digits when if calling internationally and a country code is needed). For fax machines and security systems, tablets, cell phones, and landlines to be updated to the new protocol during the grace period.

NPA Code 3 followed by a seven-digit number consisting of the subscriber number and central office code (NXX) is all that is required to make a call to a 628 number.

What is the process for introducing new area codes?

In the 1940s, area codes began to be used in conjunction with telephone numbers. The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and AT&T came up with the concept and design. In theory, the toll network could cover up to 152 different area codes. In both the United States and Canada, area codes were implemented. Up to 540 central offices and nearly eight million different seven-digit phone numbers could be supported by each area code.

When the population of an area exceeds the capacity of the existing area codes, new area codes are usually required. A split or overlay will take place to increase the number of possible phone numbers when the limit is approaching. The California Public Utilities Commission generally approves new area codes in California (CPUC).

Newer area codes, such as 212, have been added to the original area codes, such as New York’s 212. An increase in economic activity leads to the need for new area codes, as older ones become exhausted. When it is determined that a new area code is required, states in the United States decide how and when it will be implemented.

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Is 628 Area Code a scam?

The 628 area code, like many others in California, has been linked to numerous phone scams. Many scams have been reported on the internet by people who receive these calls. Scams relating to auto warranties, online dating, and car insurance are all examples of this. Additionally, some people have been contacted by phone about a puppy scam and a loan forgiveness scam. To extort money from those who answer, perpetrators have pretended to be from UPS and Medicare.

It is best to avoid answering any phone calls if the number is unfamiliar to you. In order to receive important calls, you must have enough storage space on your phone. Anybody who has important information to share will leave a voicemail and provide you with a phone number to contact them at. However, there are con artists who do this as well. As a result, it’s a good idea to be wary of anything that doesn’t sound right.

If in doubt, get in touch with the business or division that claims to be calling you directly. If the caller claims to be from Visa, for example, hang up and call Visa at their official number instead. You’ll learn if the phone call you received was a hoax.

As a rule of thumb, never give out your bank account, credit card, or any other personal information over the phone.

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