Understanding of the Area codes

Area codes are the specific type of codes assigned to the region for some purpose. It is given by the geographical areas to make sure that the “call reached” at its specified location. People use these codes on a huge scale for connection. Users can get these codes from mobile phone companies mostly.

where does the area codes come from?

The famous Bell Telephone company introduced the concept of area codes back in the 1940s and called the North American Numbering Plan[NANP].

The aim was to make independent connections from phone operators or connectors. The First area code was “201”, which was first assigned [NPA] in 1947 devised plan.

These were introduced when phones for connections were fully rotary. Also, regions are divided according to the population according to the demand. The decision was made that higher population areas will receive shortcodes and other ones will receive long ones.

Why do we need area codes?

An area code gives an idea to the receiver where the call came from. Users can quickly judge from the prefix whether it is local or international. It is a 7-digit number including 3 prefixes and 4 surfexs.

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