Arkansas State

Capital CityLittle Rock
Population (2019)29, 59373
Rank32 of 50 | Population Quick Facts
Region South
Admission to StatehoodJune 15 1836 (25th State)
State MottoRegnant Populus
State Nickname The Natural State
Origin of State Nameword acansa meaning “downstream people
Area Codes479, 501, 870

State Symbols:


As depicted by the white diamond set against the red background, diamonds have been found and mined in only one site in North America. The state of Arkansas became the 25th and last state to join the Union. This idea is represented by twenty-five white stars that are situated all around the diamond. During the time of the American Civil War, Arkansas was a member of the Confederate States of America, as indicated by the tops of the four centre stars. The United States of America, Spain, and France were Arkansas’s three former colonial masters. They are represented by the other three stars on the flag. 1913: Year of creation of the flag.

Flower: Apple Blossom (Pyrus coronaria) | Other State Flowers

Tree: Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) | Other State Trees

Song: “Arkansas” | Words by: Wayland Holyfield Music by: Wayland Holyfield
“Oh, Arkansas” | Words by: Terry Rose and Gary Klaff | Music by: Terry Rose and Gary Klaff

Quarter: Details include diamond (state gem), rice stalks, mallard flying above a lake
Soil: Stuttgart.


Arkanas state

 Area: Area: 52,152 sq.mi (137,741, 29th
Land: 51,166 sq.mi. (124,874, 26th
Water: 1,206 sq.mi. (2,577, 30st

Largest Cities:   
Little Rock | Fort Smith | Fayetteville | Springdale | Jonesboro | North Little Rock | Conway | Rogers | Pine Bluff | Bentonville

Border States: | Missouri | Oklahoma | Tennessee | Louisiana | Mississippi Texas | List of US Regions

Highest Point: Magazine Mountain ; 2,583 feet, (833 m) 35th

Lowest Point: Arkansas; 57 feet, 26th lowest — Ouachita River at Louisiana border

Geographic Center: Pulaski, 11 miles northwest of Little Rock.



 Absolute Center: 35°47.9’N / 92°16.1’W
Relative Center: Pulaski, 11 miles northwest of Little Roc

National Parks: Post, Buffalo, Fort Smith, Hot Springs, Pea Ridge National Military Park, President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site, Trail of Tears National Historic Trail.

State Government:

 GovernorAsa Hutchinson (R) since 2015
SenatorsJohn Boozman (R) 2012 Tom Cotton (R) 2015
Representatives Arkansas House: Members
ConstitutionArkansas’s Constitution 25th State
Electoral College Votes8 Votes


Agriculture: Poultry, cattle, sorghum, eggs, soybeans , milk, cotton, rice, hogs.
Industry: Food processing, machinery, fabricated metal products, vanadium, paper products, bromine, electric equipment, .

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